Why Women Choose Pro-Life Centers

A quick search on Guttmatcher will show you that abortions have been steadily declining since 2011. More and more women are choosing their baby over abortion.

This information has left pro-choicers scratching their heads. Isn't abortion healthcare? Why do women choose to keep their baby after something horrible like rape or homelessness happens to them? Why are women choosing pro-life centers over abortion clinics?

The answer is, women are getting better overall healthcare at pro-life centers than abortion clinics. This might not be in the media, but the numbers and reviews are clear: life is winning.

Unfortunately, society portrays the Pregnancy Resource Centers as dishonest, sly, and only counting live births without regard to the care of the mother. And due to decades of false media coverage, many myths about women, PRC's, and abortion are commonly believed as full truths. Today, we would like to share why the narrative is wrong, and how we are honest, caring, and fully supportive of mothers from conception through postpartum.

Our goal is to transparently show that what happens in a PRC is not dishonest or degrading, but the exact opposite! And this is the kind of healthcare women want.

Myth No 1. Abortion clinics offer healthcare.

A little known fact is that pro-life centers offer FREE preliminary testing to women seeking abortions. That right! We give women free pregnancy tests and sonograms because they need to know how much money it will cost them to receive an abortion, which is based on the size of the baby. We give them this information to take to the abortion clinic should they decide to go.

Abortion clinics charge fees for this preliminary service, and if the mother is found to have a non-viable pregnancy (an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage) she is not refunded for the sonogram or other tests. In our opinion, offering preliminary help does not qualify a PRC as a "non-caring place." We just want to educate women as best we can regardless of their choice.

Myth No. 2 We coerce women into staying pregnant until birth and after that, we have nothing to do with our client mothers. We genuinely don’t understand how society came to this conclusion. Women are choosing pro-life centers over abortion clinics because we offer continuous family planning education, non-bias abortion education, wellness exams by an OBGYN, options counseling, pregnancy tests, parenting classes, referrals, sonograms, formula, diapers, baby items, etc.

We regularly see postpartum clients in our office as they continue to receive support and take classes. In short, we never turn away post-partum (or post-abortive) women.

This is in stark contrast to abortion clinics where you are not seen unless you are pregnant. We at PRC’s believe that women have the right to free testing, free support, and a full education before going onto an abortion table.

We feel that education is empowerment and withholding education is bad marketing.

Myth No. 3. Abortion will fix your problems. In fact, women know that a medical procedure will not fix their problems. PRC's willingness to discuss and problem-solve is a testament to our genuine dedication. Many women face abuse, homelessness, and poverty. An abortion will not make a boyfriend less abusive. An abortion cannot help her get a job. An abortion cannot pull her out of poverty. We believe it is better healthcare to address her problems and help her solve them. We have to empower her to remove the crisis, not the baby. Removing poverty is a huge win for a woman, as is escaping abuse. For women, these issues are fully connected to herself and her baby, and we have a responsibility to help her.

For the sake of example, and to protect our client identities, I want to share a hypothetical, but common, scenario.

A woman comes to us who is pregnant, homeless, and lost her job due to COVID19. She currently is living in a homeless shelter after the baby’s father abandoned her. She feels like her only option is abortion--at least, this is the conventional answer.

She decides to use our free services to avoid fees at the abortion clinic. Our pro-life center offers her free, medical-grade pregnancy testing, medical services provided by an OBGYN, registered nurse, and licensed sonographer. Once she has received an ultrasound and we have established her pregnancy is viable, we take some time to get to know her and go over why she wants an abortion. We discover that if she could find a job and have her own house, she would rather keep her baby.

Her advocate has a packet of handy information to help her find a job, write her resume, and help her file the application for low-income housing. The client feels a weight lifted off her shoulders. There is hope she can craw out of this situation and provide not just for herself, but her baby too.

Next, our advocate will help her fill out government assistance forms like WIX and childcare programs. As she approaches her due date, we provide her with free formula, diapers, clothing, and baby essentials she will need to support her baby.

We then continue to offer her free healthcare services, offer her personalized referrals, and offer her peer counseling to guide her as she builds her new life and prepare for her little bundle. We promise to be with her during and after pregnancy. (Our executive director even goes to the delivery room to be a birth coach when a mom has no support team! Talk about dedication to women!)

Once her baby is born, we give the client a year’s worth of free parenting and lifestyle courses to equip her with confidence. She will learn first aid, sleeping through the night, potty training, nursing, switching to solid food, and so much more! In these classes, she meets other women who are building the same life as she is, and finds a network of women to support her and her family. This is what pro-lifers believe is empowerment: women helping women succeed.

Now, lets hypothetically assume this same client instead went to an abortion center and asked for help. Even though she is homeless, she would still be expected to pay something for all of her testing and procedures. They would give her a receipt and send her back to the homeless shelter to recuperate after the procedure. She would not have been offered career counseling, abortion alternatives, or free services to support her desperate situation. They are only interested to see her again if she is pregnant--abortion clinics offer no programs to help her find a house, pull herself up out of poverty, or offer to help her file for government assistance. The only “hope” they can offer is the end of a heartbeat.

As you can see, pregnancy resource centers do more to care about women. We are essential workers dedicated to the needs of our client mothers. Prolifers truly believe that education and meaningful relationships are the keys to a woman’s success, not a medical procedure.