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Jobs And Education 101 For Mothers

Pregnancy can change a lot of things, including your job situation.

Lots of women are looking for a fresh start, or for ways to begin a life with an infant.

But a common problem is, how do you find a better job with no job experience?

How do you get a job if you don't have job experience, or don’t have an education, or lack the money to go to school?

I’m going to share with you some tips and brainstorming ideas to help you make some cash and gain more experience in the workplace. Don’t let pregnancy or any other life situation scare you from pursuing your dreams. There are many resources for you to grow professionally, and pregnancy isn’t a drawback. It's just part of the process.

First, A Few Side Notes

1. Sometimes it’s not easy to change a lifestyle or break free from your past. There will probably be a season of struggling as you adjust to the “new you.” But the change will bring you more stability, dignity, and purpose. If you stick with it, and trust the process, you can be anything!

2. Also, don't let your past define you. Just because your past might be painful or without business smarts, does not mean you are without value, dignity, or purpose. It doesn't mean you are a failure. It doesn't mean you can't be a CEO or a doctor or a great mother! All it means is that you have a chance to use your past experiences for something good.

You are important to the world, and the skills you bring to the table are important to God.

3. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the situation you are in: STOP. Remember that many of our forefathers and foremothers carved brand new lives that looked nothing like their old ones because they believed in their God-given gifts.

You first have to believe that you have the ability to do great things. Believe that God has a purpose for you! You are capable! Once you totally understand this, doors open up in ways you did not expect!

ProTip: if you need inspiration, go to the library and grab some biographies and read about people who overcame!

4. Don't underestimate the power of God.

I highly recommend that as you start this new journey, you pick up a Bible and allow God to guide you. He is the one who created you with purpose. He is the one whose image you are made in. He loves you and values you and wants a relationship with you. Let Him work in you the purpose you were made for.

Getting Down To Business

Okay. The first place to start before you even apply for a job is self-examination. Get out a pen and paper because you are going to think about goals.

Goals are essential to every success story. You need to make clear goals so you know what kind of steps to take to reach them. You can’t go on an adventure if you have no idea where you’re going, right?

What Kind Of Work Is Most Important to Me?

Start out by making a list of the things that you need and want from a career/job. Every person is unique so there is no right or wrong answer. (Be realistic though--don’t put down $600,000 salary annually.)

Do you want flexibility?

Do you want to work from home?

Do you want to aim for a city/office job?

Do you want to work for a non-profit, or with children?

Do you want to work for the government or military?

Think about the lifestyle that is most important to you. It’s okay if they sound silly or different. You are in the planning process.

What Are Your 1, 2, and 5 Year Long-Term Goals ? What Do You Want Out of Life?

In one year do you want to be certified in a trade?

In 5 years do you want to own a paid-off car?

Rent an apartment in a different part of town?

In two years obtain your college diploma?

Move to a different state?

Do you want your child to go to a particular school?

Any goal is acceptable. The important thing is to have one goal, then write little micro-goals for years 1 and 2 that will get you there in 5 years or less. For example, if you want a paid-off car in 5 years, you might need to move to a cheaper apartment, create a budget, get a side job, and make a plan for saving. This will allow you to stay focused on the goal, which is owning a paid-off car.

What Are You Good At?

Did you take photography in high school?

Do you like animals?

Are you an artist?

Do you understand computers?

Do you speak and write in more than one language?

Really take the time to make a list of things that not only interest you but things you are good at. Everyone has skills and gifts, and every skill and gift has a place in this world. You might find an incredible opportunity hidden in this list of your skills!

Job Ideas

Okay! Now that you know what you like and more about who you are, you need to get a job.

The main thing is, show up on time for everything and be positive. Know that every job you have is helping you work your way towards the goal.

Experience isn’t just about understanding your job well. It also is about showing up on time, honesty, work ethic, and attitude. You might be a dog walker, but the experience you gain in honest and kind customer service is good material to put onto your resume for the next job. No job is insignificant.

Below are some job ideas to help you start thinking creatively. These jobs don’t require experience, but once you are hired you can gain experience for the next job.

Start Your Own Business

If you are an artist or have skills as a photographer, you can sell your art online. Many of your hobbies (look at your list above) might actually be amazing products! Marketplaces like Etsy, Facebook, or on a website make it easier than ever to make extra cash. The startup costs are not outrageous and there is room to grow. Pull from the list above, and think about what you are really good at.

Can you market those skills?

If you can sell products or services, click on this podcast to help you explore the "ends and outs" of owning your own business as a woman.

Interpreter/Language Teacher

Many people speak a second language in South Florida. Did you know you can make money teaching it to others? There are websites you can work through as a language instructor. While formal education helps, you aren’t always required to have one. You can work from home and on your own hours. This website is a great place to start

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon starts out at $15 an hour but they don’t require a resume or experience! This is a gold mine place to work. And you can work your way up in this company! Amazon is a great way to fill a resume with all kinds of experience and skills, not to mention it looks good to say you worked for them.

Dog Walker

This might not sound glamorous. But the cash flow is! This website connects walkers with dogs in your area. The best part is, some people make a $1 a minute--that’s not bad. You can make this a full-time job or during custom hours. If you are a mom looking to go back to school, this is a great option for you. This also allows you to meet new people and build new friendships--remember, networking is powerful!

Customer Service Representative

According to Business Insider, customer service reps “...handle customer inquiries, help solve customers' problems, and provide technical support, most often remotely. A training course may be required, but no other prior experience may be necessary for entry-level customer service jobs.”

Customer service is also something that many companies are allowing their employees to do from home! It also looks very good on a resume to have extensive customer service experience when you want to move up into a higher paying leadership position.

Also remember, that many customer service positions need bilingual employees. If you speak a second language, this is an instance where you could get hired over someone who has a degree, but no language skills.

Key for Sucess

Did you know that employers don’t always hire "the perfect people?"

For example, the job description might say “bachelor degree required,” but they might not actually hire someone with a degree.

Obviously not all jobs are like this, but I have held several positions that required a degree when I did not have one.


Well, the person who showed up before me to interview hadn’t combed their hair and they slouched in their chair. The employer probably asked, “if they don’t care about themselves, will they care about their job?” I wore tasteful makeup, clean and professional clothing, smiled, and remained positive and excited for the opportunity.

That was the key.

Dressing for success and confident body language are sometimes more important than what you know. You can be taught anything, but if you show up frumpy and signal shy or shady body language, it leaves your boss to wonder if you really know or care about anything at all. If you want to know more about the science of body language, watch this:


One of my favorite quotes is “education is power.”

Education is a great way to get a better-paying job. But how do you do that if you don't have the money?

I don’t believe that you have to have a degree to be successful. But you do need to be educated. One of the best options if you are looking to start a new life with a new baby, is a trade school.

Trade schools are fields of study like cosmetology, nail artists, accounting, floral design, graphic design, welding, fitness and nutrition, barber, communications, computer science, and many other thousands of other topics.

Remember when I asked you to list your skills and hobbies? This will help you pick a trade that you will not only enjoy, but you will be good at. Most schools are between 8 months-2 years, and many trades can often be done online! These types of schools are also about a third of the cost of college!

Another reason to consider trade is that trade jobs are always in demand. People need their hair done, their taxes filed for them, and wedding planners to plan their big day. Those jobs never go away and many of them actually pay more than a corporate job. Many plumbers are actually millionaires, simply because few people want to do that job.

According to Forbes, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects better than average employment in the building trades at least through 2026. The only problem is, there simply may not be enough workers to employ. This issue is partly due to our culture's emphasis on going to college.”

In short, trade is in demand.

Also, a perk of being a single mother is the grant and scholarships available to you. This is free money to be used for schooling that you don’t have to pay back. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s real! Many colleges, schools, federal agencies, and private donors offer single mothers a chance at education. If you want to break free into new opportunities, check out the grants available to you. Check out, to learn more. Or see a college finance counselor to see what you qualify for.

Closing Thoughts

If this article excited you and gave you new ideas to explore, then I’m really proud of you for taking the next step in this new life!

Don’t let past mistakes hold you back from exploring new possibilities. If you need help breaking free emotionally from the past, and if you need a community of women to cheer you on, come see us today for support! We want to be your family!

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