Pregnancy Resource Centers Will Never Stop Serving

Imagine: you wake up one morning, click on your social media app, and discover that in the night Roe V. Wade was overthrown and abortion was deemed illegal in the US.

What would you do?

How would you react?

Those of us working at Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center know we would probably have a week-long celebration and dance around like crazy people. Some of us have been fighting abortion since our childhood. Some of our employees have even been victims of horrific abortions. To see the end of the abortion industry in our lifetime would be strange, life-changing, and euphoric. In fact, we’d probably dance in front of strangers like no one was watching! We would ugly cry and probably wander around for a few days trying to grasp the concept. You would find us in church, on our knees praying to offer thanksgiving.

But as soon as we could grasp the idea of the “new normal,” we wouldn’t close our doors and find new careers. No. We would return to the drawing board. We would call our most prominent donors. We would schedule meetings with leaders and find newer and bigger ways to help our most vulnerable citizens. We would return to the counseling room. The sonographer to her ultrasound room. The receptionist to her desk. Why?

Because LIFE isn’t dictated by laws of the land and man-made rules. It is given by God and therefore we must be diligent to protect it, help it, and celebrate it always.

Every life will always have messy parts to it. Women will find themselves in seasons of despair. People will feel lost sometimes. And we have a continual God-given calling to support, give grace, and offer hope. The Bible says, "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

That is our lifelong pledge, regardless of how politics and laws dictate. We can never stop being there for babies and mothers. To love them is our divine command. Pro-Life is forever! We have to offer viable solutions and practical help, because if we do not meet the needs of women and children in our communities, history will repeat itself.

Years ago before abortion was legal, churches condemned women for unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock. There was a sense of shame, hush-hush, and babies were dumped quietly onto charities and orphanages. The law did not support a mother’s right to chose open adoption, call the shots in her adoption plan, nor did churches and society offer grace and support. Women only had the option of hiding in shame and quietly disposing of the baby in a heartbreaking and inhumane way. Unsanitary and unsafe “back door” abortions happened because the social support was non-existent.

Then came greedy white businessmen. They perceived that there was very little organized defense for the unborn and they became eager to make money off the vulnerable. They invented a "revolutionary solution" for women in desperate situations: legal abortion. Millions of babies were lost. (To learn more of the untold history of the misogynist origins of abortion, watch this video."

Finally, churches, Christians, and even politicians realized they made a grave mistake in not taking care of our most vulnerable society members so for many years. They had easily given Satan an open door to promote violence and evil legally, and now we would have to fight for over 50 years to take back lost ground. “Pro-life centers” were born. They began to offer relief and soon, and as more and more lives were transformed, the pro-life movement grew into an international sensation. We now are reclaiming the lies and hurt of the abortion industry and paving the way for "abundant life." The Walk For Life in Washington D.C. grows yearly, with millions of US citizens showing up to protest. For the first time in history, a U.S. President and Vice President spoke and promised to fight for life--the momentum continues to grow! "Thousands arrive for the Women's March," it is reported, "but millions Walk for Life!"

Abortion over the last few decades has taught us a brutal lesson: if we had responded Biblically to unplanned pregnancy, children, and women in the first place, maybe abortion might never have been a popular option. We have learned our lesson and pledge to never return down old paths.

Abortion has taught the entire pro-life community that we need to show up without judgment, with hope, love, and practical support. We know now that we need to teach men and women about Biblical sexuality, about motherhood and fatherhood, and teach morality in our homes, churches, and schools. These are the solutions that change lives for the better, forever.

The Bible says in James 1:27

Children, no matter where they come from, are a gift from the LORD, and even Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come to me.”

Pro-Lifers have been praying for the overturning of Roe. V Wade for decades, and it looks like we might get that wish very soon. But prolifers need to realize that when (and we sincerely pray for “when”) abortion is overturned, that pregnancy clinics will need more support than ever before. Women who were seeking abortions as a solution to an unplanned pregnancy will not be able to get them, and will inevitably turn to us. We cannot close our doors on pregnancy, on women, men, or children, or those oppressed by small-minded society. That will only pave the way for abortion to emerge again in the future. Our work will never stop again.

Our prayer is that the Pro-Life Movement evolves into a place where citizens become involved more than ever before. God gave each of us gifts, and we ask that as our nation approaches the nearness of an anti-abortion world, you would consider how your skills can be used for His Kingdom and for LIFE all over our nation.

For example: are you a lawyer? We need your skills to create grant programs and proposals for families who want to adopt, helping bring down the average cost of $40,000 for a single adoption. We need you to legally advocate for adoption reform.

Are you a growing family? We need couples willing to adopt!

Are you a counselor or a mission leader? We need bold and faithful women to walk alongside clients of Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) and offer them hope and support.

Are you wealthy? We need donors and families who are willing to sponsor single mothers.

Are you looking to do some community volunteer work? We need volunteers to help us with the daily office grind.

Are you a stay at home mom? We need people to make phone calls to state representatives and ask for foster care and adoption reform.

Everyone has a gift, a skill, or an ability to help life. And as we grow closer to the end of abortion in our nation, we have a chance to use our skills and gifts for LIFE.

Women continue to NEED us because we have failed them for decades.

An abortion-free world does not mean crisis pregnancies go away. The unexpected and unplanned pregnancies will always be with us. (The mother of Jesus experienced the most famous unplanned pregnancy!) If we are not vigilant to meet the needs of the women in our community, it is certain that history will repeat itself and our nation will turn to again to abortion as the answer.

Here are 7 ways you can help make a life-changing difference and support the work and goals of pregnancy centers.

1. Raise awareness in your church and community about adoption. Ask if your church leadership can start a program to financially assist parents seeking to adopt. There are not enough incentives or awareness for adoption and YOU can be that voice to inspire parents in our communities!

If a woman truly cannot parent her child, she needs a trustworthy family who can step in and love her baby. Often, this information is what encourages a mother to choose life!

2.Vote for pro-life candidates.

This is the best way to ensure laws protect the rights of unborn children.

3. Call your state representative and ask for adoption and foster care reform. Adoption should not cost a family $20,000- $40,000. We can make this change though awareness.

4. Offer To Be A Peer Counsellor or Volunteer At Your Local PRC

Becoming a peer counselor is a life-changing experience for you and the client. Women in desperate situations often have no friends or family to support them, and by you showing up, it makes a difference in their life for the long term. If you are a man, volunteer to peer counsel fathers or lead a fatherhood program. Men need support too!

5. Post flyers for your local PRC. Leave a positive review. Like their social media content. Share and comment. Word of mouth and social media attention is the best advertisement for PRC and it helps their website SEO put valuable information in front of potential clients.

6. Donate to PRC. They always need funds! Formula, diapers, office supplies, ultrasound gel, PPE gear, payrolls--the money has to come from somewhere!

7. Encourage Single Mothers You Personally Know. Set the example of Christ-like love and support to your classmates, friends, and relatives in crisis pregnancy. Jesus cared for prostitutes, children, homemakers, the sick, and all those who society generally forgets about. Set an example of non-judgemental support and love to those around us: change starts with you and me.