Once Upon A Time...

A Message From Our Founder.

"The Spaniards discovered the Island of Cuba in the Caribbean. They killed the natives of the island for gold and brought slaves from Africa to labor for free.

Then, the people freed themselves from the Spaniards through a war of independence. Toward the end of the war with some help from the United States, the people were able to establish their own government and laws. There were rich people, and middle class and very poor people, and public and private schools.

There was also police brutality and racism and so a group of “Karens and Kens” (rich entitled university students) decided to manipulate the poor, ignorant people of Cuba. They claimed that the government needed to be overthrown because of its racism, oppression of the poor class, abusive police, etc. and that a socialist government was the solution for all Cubans to really be equal. The people liked the idea sold to them because they didn’t realize that socialism is impossible to keep up with because the human heart is corrupt.

Humans are incapable of being in power and control without receiving a bigger compensation or feeling entitled. Yet, it sounded good to have free education for all, free medical treatment for all, equal wages for all, equal opportunities for all, no more racism etc.

Then the socialists took over through a revolution and a dictator (Fidel Castro) became president. Since they totally controlled the media Castro, would sometimes spend up to 8 hrs. speaking to the people in order to brainwash them. There were way more words than the actual changes in the island other than the fact that the government stripped everyone from their possessions and didn’t distribute it amongst the people but monopolized it and became Lord of ALL.

NOW, there were no poor people or rich people or middle class. Now, all were the same, no one had anything except those in high government positions. 61 years later, the same family continues to rule the island, where no one has food, or hygiene supplies, the education is a complete failure, the medical attention is almost nonexistent because of the deplorable conditions of hospitals and clinics and the lack of medications. Police corruption and brutality is at its worse. Racism? You tell me! The Castros are all white and so are the generals and newly appointed president who are the only ones that have access to luxurious lives.

Many people had to flee the country in rafts, risking their lives in the ocean, families divided, broken-hearted because they could no longer handle the situation.

Since the people were disarmed once this government took over, there is no way to fight them. They control it all and there are no rights for the citizens, it doesn’t matter whether you are white or black. You simply have no rights, you are not allowed to speak up, you are not allowed to protest, you are not your own, your children are not yours, your hard work and earned money is not yours. You will not be receiving a decent salary period, regardless of where you went to school or how hard you work. You will not have more than one political party who will tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You know how I know that? Because ONCE UPON A TIME, I too had to flee socialism at the young age of 18 crossing the ocean in a raft, spending 11 months in the US Guantanamo Base and then arriving here all alone with no family or friends. A whole heart full of dreams, hope and thirst for freedom, never to return.

Twenty-five years later I see the very place that taught me the difference between freedom and slavery, (socialism enslaves your brain), between dictatorship and democracy, between correcting an issue by hearing the peoples wish and upholding laws to support them vs imposing laws that benefit the government and enslaves people further. In the very land where I learned that it doesn’t matter if you start the race late that if you work hard and obey its law that you can have everything that a human being should have to be dignified and respected as a person with a paying job, a home, a vehicle, medical access, choice of school, etc. This very place is now requesting that I vote and support the very thing I risked my life to escape!

Listen people, socialism is not fair, it doesn’t work, it sounds good but it’s not, please listen to those who have lived it and are trying to keep you from it. Even if your elected officials are not mentioning the “s” word it doesn’t mean that is not what they are seeking. Just educate yourself and take a look at those countries where socialism and communism rule. This country gives us the freedom to vote so vote for your choice but please, do so knowing what you are going to be facing. Let’s fight racism, let’s help to better police training and accountability in our cities, let’s work together for a better future for our youth, let’s build communities that will provide our children hope and a future with no harm. Let’s continue to exercise our rights and fight together for a better world, not for a poor, divided, and abused one.

We can do this, look at the end results and just reconsider your position and let’s keep our country accountable without allowing the socialist or communist mentality to take over a country that has led the world with its example and not because it burned its own to the ground.

~Yoi Reyes, Executive Director