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Understanding Plan C. (A.K.A. The Abortion Pill)

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

That little line slowly fades clearly across the stick you hold in your hands. Instantly a wave of panic and fear overwhelms every cell in your being. You might deny it for a while, but the reality is, you hold a positive pregnancy test. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women react in the same way!

Pregnancy, and all that it entails, is a huge shock. It evokes lots of questions and emotions, even if it was planned!

Contrary to popular belief, birth control pills and condoms fail. Every year, over 900,000 women on the pill find themselves pregnant. Stress or medications can cause you to ovulate sooner or later in the month than is usually normal for you, which can cause unexpected pregnancy. Women diagnosed with infertility still get randomly pregnant in spite of the odds. There are a million ways for a woman to become unexpectedly pregnant, but that’s not the point of this article.

The point is, you're pregnant.

Now what?

If abortion is the first thing that comes to your mind, it is also likely that you have Googled “abortion pill” and many search engines will lead you to “abortion pill delivery.” The idea of privacy, convenience, and control of your situation is appealing.

As appealing, modern, and private a home abortion sounds, however, taking abortion pills at home is a huge risk. While ordering an “abortion kit” is legal in a few states in the US, it is not legal in the State of Florida.

Many women still do order them, however, and that’s probably why you are here--looking up information before you try it.

Before you order an “abortion kit,” here are some medical and practical concerns to consider that you might not have known.

Abnormal Pregnancy

If you have an abnormal pregnancy (such as an ectopic pregnancy), the pill will have no effect and could complicate matters. This is why it is important to schedule an ultrasound to see if your pregnancy is viable (a real pregnancy) before you take a pill unsupervised. Ectopic pregnancies are a danger to your life and can cause severe pain, hemorrhaging, followed by death if not treated quickly. An abortion pill will cause cramping and bleeding, which could mask the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

Another common issue is miscarriage. A miscarriage happens when a pregnancy is not viable and the woman will naturally expel the fetus without the need for drugs. A doctor can help you decide if you are at risk for miscarriage. If you have miscarried and did not know it (many women mistake early miscarriages for periods), your pregnancy test could read positive when in fact you are not pregnant.

Always, before considering an abortion pill, it is important to first make sure your pregnancy is viable in order to spare your body severe trama.

Some women who do experience abortion sometimes lose their fertility altogether because of untreated infection. The percentages are not very high, but they do exist! According to the National Women’s Network, the risks are low but are as follows. “Just like with any medication, there are potential risks associated with a medical abortion. The likelihood of experiencing these risks are very low. The rare but serious complications include unsuccessful abortion, infection, prolonged bleeding, long-lasting fever, and blood clots in your uterus.”

It’s extremely important to be under the supervision of a medical doctor, get an ultrasound, and be aware of dangerous symptoms like long-lasting fever and prolonged bleeding. As with any medication, we do not recommend ordering the abortion pill online and self-administering it.

Cost And Timeliness

Abortion pills are only used during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy (or within the last 70 days of your last period.) If the pills take two weeks to ship (which is common), and you are 8.5 weeks pregnant, the pills may be too late to be effective. The abortion pill kit can cost upwards of $250.

Most pregnancy tests do not show positive until 5-6 weeks, but only an ultrasound can tell the exact stage in pregnancy. If a woman is uncertain of the time of conception, or unaware she is pregnant until 10+weeks along, the pill will be ineffective in ending the pregnancy. This will result in a woman seeking an abortion clinic, and the costs can be surprising.

This is why ultrasound is so important. Abortion clinics charge you according to how big the baby is and the only way to tell this is by measuring the development during an ultrasound appointment.

Abortion performed early on in pregnancy is a few hundred dollars, while late-term pregnancies can be between $8,000 to $18,000. Every center and state is different based on location, insurance, income, trimester, and many other factors. Also, note that not all Planned Parenthoods and abortion clinics offer free ultrasounds so be prepared to pay something for this service.

If You Need a Free And Confidential Ultrasound…

...many local Pregnancy Resource Centers are funded by state and local donors and therefore can provide free medical grade pregnancy testing followed by free ultrasound! They never judge abortion-minded women and are there to support your pregnancy. Many offices encourage appointments, but they never turn away walk-ins.

This website allows you to find a PRC near your zip code!

If you are in South Florida and need care, scroll to the bottom for more information!

What Does the FDA Have To Say?

Even though many women have access to “do it yourself” abortion kits in a few states, the FDA still has not changed its protocol that women need physician oversite. They also say that women should have a prescription from a licensed pharmacist.

These guidelines are placed for your safety and wellbeing! As convenient as a “kit” might sound, your health and wellbeing are more important than convenience.

Without medical care, you will not know if the abortion was completed and you might be left with a partial abortion, which can lead to infection. Or if your fever is too long or if bleeding is too heavy, a doctor needs to help you quickly.

“Convenience is never a justified sacrifice for your health, well being, and safety.”

Unsafe And Untested?

Another huge concern rising in the US is the unethical and untested dispense of abortion drugs that have not been approved by the FDA. Many “companies” and sites that sell abortion kits are selling illegally, and are not legitimate or credible. Some sell pills illegally after warnings from the FDA!

Often they claim “100% effective” or “pain-free abortion.” These companies do not work with the guidelines or protocols of the FDA nor do they dispense from licensed medical facilities. Anything could be in these drugs.

If a woman does obtain an illegal drug that claims its pain-free, and then does experience abnormal pain, it could be difficult for her to go to a doctor for fear of the legal consequences. It is better to be honest and upfront with your doctor, or seek advice from a PRC, to ensure the best care possible.

Remember not all online companies are legitimate, safe, or licensed. They can obtain their drugs from foreign countries, leaving you at risk.

Seeking Local Help

We understand that this generation wants privacy and convenience, and the good news is, local Pregnancy Resource Centers all over the United States offer both!

Most PRC's accept walk-ins for your convenience, (although appointments or a call to give them a heads up is encouraged.) They also adhere to the HIPPA Privacy Act and never share information with anyone! Because they are run by state grants and local sponsors, PRC services are completely free.

Pregnancy is hard. And most women seeking an abortion do so because they don’t feel that they have the support of a community that will accept and assist their pregnancy.

The truth is, YOU DO have the support and a community! Abortion pills are risky because they limit the number of people who can help you work through a difficult time. Before you decide to follow through with an abortion, remember that there are support and options for women!

If you are still holding that positive pregnancy test and don’t know where to start, we encourage you to contact the closest PRC to you! Here is a website that allows you to add your zip code and find a PRC near you!

If you are in South Florida, contact us!

We are also on Facebook!

Services a PRC can offer you include:

Free Medical Services

-Pregnancy Tests

-Sonograms (ultrasound)

-Women’s Wellness Exams

-Referral to OBGYN

-Note Certifying Pregnancy

Peer Counseling

-Peer Counselors are trained to listen to your full story and help make a unique plan for you!

-Unbias Abortion Education, Risks, and Procedures (what to expect)

-Alternatives to Abortion (adoption planning, parenting support)

-List of Local Resources Designed For Your Unique Situation


-Food Assistance

-Diapers, Formula, Clothing

-Baby Furniture

-Parenting Classes

Pregnancy Resource Centers are pro-life, but even if you choose abortion after meeting with them, they will not turn you away after the procedure is done. Many clients in South Florida at Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Centers are post-abortive. These clients have asked, and are receiving classes and support, for Post Abortive Stress Syndrome. All walks of life and orientation are welcome!

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