Excuses For Abortion Explained

Abortion is not a fun topic nor an easy one to talk about.

Tensions rise and people become quite emotional as they take opposing views of pregnancy, abortion, and children’s/women’s rights. Often, because emotions get in the way, neither side of the issue is fully understood. In this post, we want to break down a few of the statements “pro-lifers” believe but are commonly misunderstood. There seem to be the same few questions that the pro-choice advocates always ask us. We wanted to share how prolifers truly feel.

#1. Pro-Lifer’s Don’t Care About Women

This is the most common misconception about pro-life groups and it couldn’t be farther from the truth! We know from experience that abortion is a traumatic and unnatural experience for women, and we want to help women look at all their options before making a choice.

In fact, pro-life clinics do more to empower women than abortion facilities do! Planned Parenthood offers no assistance besides the termination of a pregnancy and few medical exams. In the pro-life centers, however, we believe that the mother’s socio-economical and emotional needs are the most important and should be fully addressed. No problem is too big to break down and find solutions for.

Pro-Life centers offer women an opportunity to find a better job, better education, emotional support, baby items, formula/diapers, long-term friendships, relationship counseling, and referrals to medical exams (either in-house or with a partnering doctor’s office.) Often centers can help mothers find housing and fill out complicated paperwork for state assistance programs. We believe that abortion only leaves a mother without several hundred (or thousands) of dollars, in the same situation as before, and alone.

We believe mothers need a trained support group fully committed to their abundant life!

#2. Medical Argument: What About The Safety of The Mother In Late-Term Pregnancy?

This is a common humanitarian question that sounds valid but actually misrepresents science and what pro-lifers truly believe. And honestly, many pro-lifers are vilified because we are painted to be an organization that promotes “woman-killing.”

The truth is, we never want a baby to be born at the risk of the mother. It’s just that we know scientifically from the American College of Pediatricians, that doctors can save the life of the mother without ending the life of her child. Abortion is never needed to save a mother’s life. Instead, they deliver the pregnancy, sometimes pre-term, and fight for both lives. Click this link where you can view their professional and scientific testimony. The ACOP represents over 30,000 doctors who agree that abortion is not necessary to save a life. That's science.

Our technology and medical advancement are so far progressed that with intensive care:

22-week babies have a 38% chance of survival outside of the womb

One week later, 23-week babies have a 55% chance outside the womb.

A 24-week baby has up to 70% chance of survival.

A 25-week old baby has 80% chance!

These percentages were not possible even a decade ago!

Not all babies will survive pre-term--but unlike abortion, they do get a chance to live!

Pro-lifers believe in the right to give babies a chance.

OBGYN, and former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino says that in his career he treated hundreds of high-at-risk pregnancies for women suffering from cancer and preeclampsia. He never had to perform a “medical abortion.” To further his point, he told a story of a woman who came into the hospital with blood pressure over 200--she was moments away from having a stroke! But an abortion would have killed her not helped her. Why? Because in less than an hour after arrival they had stabilized her and delivered her baby via-C-section. She received care and survived, as did her baby. If the abortion was the automatic answer, it would have been too late to save either of them. It takes between 24-72 hours for a woman’s cervix to dilate to perform a late-term abortion. By then, she would have suffered a stroke and abortion could not have saved her.

We support and advocate for real health care which includes mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

#3. What About The ‘Rape and Incest’ Argument?

Every time someone says they are pro-life, the automatic followup question is, “What about cases of rape or incest?”

First, prolifers are against rape and incest. People who commit these crimes should not only be punished, but punished very severely. An innocent baby should not receive a worse punishment than the perpetrator.

Secondly, statistics show that abortion can cause secondary trauma to rape victims. Studies also showed that women recovered faster from rape trauma if they delivered their babies at full term and either parented them or chose open adoption. From a mental wellness perspective, abortion does more harm to a mother than live birth.

Abortion, like rape, is unnatural and traumatic.

But thirdly, the biggest reason we don’t agree with the rape and incest exception is (according to Gutt Matcher), rape totals 1 percent of all abortions. A half percent are incest cases. And yet millions of women receive elective abortions because we are led to believe the majority of women are suffering from rape. The truth is, most women make a poor sexual choice, which is different than being a victim of a violent crime.

While these things should never happen, we believe that a 1.5% margin is not a viable reason to make abortion legal for the other 98% of women who are not victims.

#4. Deformed or Disabled Baby

Many people believe that abortion is a justified excuse if the baby has a disorder or a disability. We don’t believe this is a choice a civilized society makes.

Every single child, regardless of their mental or physical state, deserves a chance. Even if their life will look completely different from our own, our Constitution guarantees all American citizens the “right to pursue happiness.”

The Bible tells us that God gave us each a purpose in this life:

Prolifers believe that we don’t get the right to play God and choose who is fit and who is unfit to live: if we had that right we would be Diety. Every person is made in the image of the Holy God and every person is given a purpose in this world, even the disabled ones.

So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27

Another reason we don’t think disabilities are a reason for abortion is that prenatal testing technology is not always accurate or complete. We have known many, many women who were given a dire diagnosis for their babies, only to find out at birth that the testing was wrong and their baby was born without a disability! It makes you wonder how many babies have been aborted that were victims of false testing?

Also, to say that disabled babies are un-wanted or un-needed is to assume that all parents don’t love and care for their disabled children. This is a myth. For example, through foundations like Tim Tebow’s Night To Shine and his other various organizations, thousands of families actively seek to adopt disabled children specifically. Why? Because these couples know a secret: disabled children bring something special into the world. We just have to give them the chance.

Most parents who care for disabled children report that they can’t imagine life without their child. Often we assume that because a child will have a challenging life, that it is a life not worth living. However, some of the most famous and powerful world influencers came from adverse circumstances. This is not an indicator of their purpose, place, and place in this world.

All of us have challenging lives, and even rough lives are still worth living.

#5 A Woman’s Situation

Another reason people justify abortion is because of “the adverse situation” of the mother. She is in poverty, an abusive relationship, homeless, or about to earn a full ride to college on a scholarship and can’t start a family. This also translates into the “empowerment” of the mother to choose abortion so she can make her way in the world.

At first, this sounds like an empathetic argument. However, a closer look at this belief will show you that there is no evidence that abortion supports women’s empowerment. In fact, most mothers report that they regretted the decision to abort, and many women struggle with emotional PATS (post-abortion traumatic stress) for years to come. Other women found that abortion created scar tissue in their reproductive organs, and when they wanted to have a family later in life it was impossible. They wished they would have fought for a way to have BOTH a degree and their child.

We tell women that they can do anything and everything...except becoming a mother? Hmmm. Doesn’t seem very empowering to me.

Ending a pregnancy won’t end poverty. Abortion can’t undo homelessness or abandonment. An abortion will leave a woman in the same adverse situation she started. Abortion clinics don’t help women find ways to overcome these situations, which in our opinion, means that they didn’t care about their empowerment to begin with. They offer abortion to “solve their problems,” but all they did was end a pregnancy in exchange for money and sent their client back into an abusive home or a homeless shelter. The problem was never the pregnancy but the circumstances--and those can be changed!

Women were designed to give birth. We were given instincts to guide us. We are multi-functional, powerful, and capable. For thousands of years, women gave birth and went on to change the world….because women are that awesome! We need to encourage women in their power and strength and not tell them their only source of empowerment is in a degree or a job or a relationship.

Pregnancy does not end your life: pregnancy is when it begins. We as women can do better than abortion! There are many, many life options to choose from that still allow you to fulfill your needs and dreams!

If there is one thing the abortion movement has taught us, is that women need support, access to education, judgment-free zones, parenting programs, options, and love. The answer to adversity and inconvenience should not automatically be abortion. At Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center, we love all women and are trained and equipped to help them work through any reproductive situation.