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Mary's Pregnancy Resource Inc. was established as a Florida Nonprofit Organization on March 11, 2013. It is an organization recognized as an exempt corporation by IRS 501(c)(3) code. Prior to incorporation, the pregnancy center was founded and operated under the umbrella of Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church since October, 2010.

We are currently participating in the Florida Pregnancy Support Services Program (FPSSP) a Life Affirming State Tax fund program. This program is overseen by the Florida Department of Health and under the Management of Florida Pregnancy Care Network, Inc.


We value the Sanctity of Life and therefore do not refer for abortion or perform abortions in our facility. We, however provide information about all abortion procedures and its risks.


At Mary's Pregnancy Resource Center, our mission is to continue "Saving Lives and Reaching Souls in South Florida"



Special people full of love and care. I remember when I needed a friend and help, they gave me a sense of comfort and hope. Thank you for saving our lives.


Support Mary's Pegnancy Resource Center... they changed my life two years ago and continue to change lives everyday...Amazing place an Amazing people...


It just feels so good to know that despite my situation there are people who care and are willing to help. For the first time since I got pregnant I am not scared anymore. The Pregnancy Center has giving me confident back in myself and I know that I will able to provide a future to my child.


Because of this center my baby benefits from the lifestyle any other baby would as well as infinitely more love from everyone who has the opportunity to meet him.

Words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for everything you all have done for me and my family, for the moral support when I lost my child only 2 hours after birth. Thanks for being there at the baby’s memorial service and for continuing to help many women and families that, like me, need a little push and a helping hand.


"The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me LIFE" Job 33:4


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